Who is Spectral Design?


Kara and Marco, a Building Biologist and Electrician, established Spectral Design in 2019. Having first-hand experience with chronic illness relating to environmental hazards lead to a passion for low EMF environments for optimal health, chronic illness prevention & recovery. Kara and Marco are dedicated to creating low EMF environments optimal for health, chronic illness prevention, and healing. Spectral Design is dedicated to learning about the latest research on EMFs to provide clients with the best possible service.

Who we are, the founder:

Marco Simeoni

Partner | Licensed Electrician, EMF Testing Technician

Marco spent years working in the natural health industry after developing a chronic health condition and finding no solutions in mainstream medicine. On his healing journey, he learned a lot about environmental stressors and their impact on biology. He quickly realised that to give himself the best chance of recovery and bring his body back to balance he needed to remove all stressors and live the way biology intended. In Harmony with nature. As an electrician, he was able to eliminate his exposure to man-made fields and adjust his lighting to emulate the time of day and candlelight. His belief is that we should have this “In harmony” motto ingrained into everything we do and strive to have low EMF homes which emulate the habitats of our ancestors before us.

Our Team Members

Tiffany Hill

B Int. Arch. (Hons) UNSW
Adv. Dip. Building Biology ACES

After practising Interior Architecture for 10 years, Tiffany completed her Advanced Diploma of Building Biology from ACES, whilst growing her young family. Researching about EMF became a hobby and a passion, along with toxins and suitable healthy building materials which was an invaluable resource as a parent and whilst renovating her home. Tiffany believes in the excellent results that Building Biology can provide, however, in her opinion negotiating the EMF in our environment is one of the most important tenets. Her strength lies in helping clients and providing insight on simple and positive steps to create a genuinely low-EMF home.

EMF Specialist

Our Mission 

We are passionate about continual learning & investigation about how EMFs impact the body and the best ways we can lower our exposure in the high-tech world we live in. We aim to assess all aspects of the non-native EMFs; AC electric fields & magnetic fields, radiofrequency, dirty electricity, and raise awareness of often-forgotten man-made EMFs, and our electrical lighting. We also love striving to create new solutions, such as our custom dirty electricity filtering for solar and other sources.

EMF is continually changing, and increased use of devices and technologies can feel overwhelming and like an uphill battle.

It is still possible to use technology more safely and reducing exposure can profoundly impact health and chronic illness recovery.

We aim always to continue upgrading our knowledge and our equipment. We are moving towards creating content that is easy to follow and that can help everyone reduce their exposure and understand EMF hazards and protection, so they feel they have more control over their health, especially in their homes.  

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