What is Advanced EMF Testing?


Advanced EMF Testing is a comprehensive service offering a detailed analysis of internal and external electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiation (EMR) sources. It involves using advanced equipment to measure complex issues such as dirty electricity, earthing, lighting, and blue light exposure at night.

With a solutions-focused approach, the service provides a comprehensive report with recommendations for reducing EMF exposure throughout the home. This service is ideal for those who want to create an optimal low EMF environment and need professional guidance on EMF shielding strategies.

EMF Hazards we assess

Electromagnetic Fields EMF testing solutions health family
Radiofrequency Radiation

Smart meters, bluetooth, WIFI, phone tower communications and active 5G mid band, 5G milli-meter waves, satellites etc. can be measured when organised.

Electromagnetic Fields EMF testing solutions health family
“Dirty” Electricity
(electric and magnetic field components)

Dirty electricity is referred to, in the EMF testing space, as: harmonics, high voltage transients (HVLT), dirty power, electromagnetic interference (EMI), line noise or micro surge pollution. Sources include incoming power from the distribution grid, solar inverters, split system inverters, energy efficient electrical lighting, dimmer switches, phone chargers & more. We test DE with various meters and an Oscilloscope.

Electromagnetic Fields EMF testing solutions health family
 AC & DC Magnetic Fields

AC (Alternating current) Magnetic Fields from: High Voltage transmission line, neighbourhood distributions lines, transformer faulty wiring, two-way light switches, induction cook tops, appliances with the most concerning being those we spend a long period of time next to such as: digital alarm clock radios, heaters, power boards while charging etc.

Electromagnetic Fields EMF testing solutions health family
AC electrical fields

We believe it’s extremely important to lower exposure to AC electric fields from home wiring, devices, shielding applications, grounding applications etc.

Electromagnetic Fields EMF testing solutions health family
Electrical Lighting

We believe electrical lighting is extremely important. It can be a source of high Electric & Magnetic fields, Radiofrequency, and Dirty Electricity. We also test the spectrum, flicker rate, CRI, Lux intensity of each light & consider these factors & the times the lights are used, when looking at the light throughout the home. Light is extremely important for a healthy sleep wake cycle and subsequently healing at night.

Electromagnetic Fields EMF testing solutions health family
Low Level Currents

We find many homes have issues with electrical currents on the earthing system, pipes, taps and showers. Generally, it’s common to find a small amount of leakage however over a certain level we consider these low level currents to be more harmful. Currents may be induced into the body once contacting them when touching anything earthed in the home or from your flowing water.

Electromagnetic Fields EMF testing solutions health family
Electrical Installation

Most homes have issues with the electrical installation. This can contribute to elevated magnetic and electric fields, higher dirty electricity, higher touch voltage on taps and appliances, Currents on taps and appliances, breakdown of cable insulation and can reduce the effectiveness of remediation work, sometimes making it worse.

Electromagnetic Fields EMF testing solutions health family
Earthing System & Earth Electrode Resistance

The integrity of the earthing system has implications for electric fields and dirty electricity. As well as frequencies found in the earth around the home and the resistance of the soil.

Electromagnetic Fields EMF testing solutions health family
Body Voltage & Current

These tests can be complicated and misleading but also very valuable if done correctly. We confirm our findings using other testing equipment. We test the levels of voltage and current on the body, including which frequencies in areas people spend most time.

Earth/Soil Voltage and Current
Electrical Scanning with Thermal Imaging

Radiofrequency data-logging 

AC Magnetic and Electric bed maps: Before and after mitigation 

Light spectrum, flicker rate and other characteristics to assess healthy lighting  



And much more……

Information for the day of the assessment

Cost: (GST incl.) 

  • We charge based on the size of your home and the number of rooms we need to assess.  
  • Once you get in touch to enquire about an assessment, we will provide a quote depending on the travel time.  
  • Shielding and electrical materials cost extra. We endeavour to test solutions before we suggest them.  
  • Payment is due after the assessment and payment can be made via EFT or credit card online.   
  • The report will be sent to you within 5 business days  

How long does it take? 

  • Apartments and small units take up to 3 hours 
  • Homes take about 4 hours, if there are more than 4 bedrooms and 1 living space it will take more time
  • Complex problems may take more investigation time. This will be discussed with you when we think it may be the case. 
  • You can take notes but everything we suggest will be summarised for you. 


  • This assessment includes a summary of our findings, our measurements, and suggestions. This is everything you need to achieve the suggestions we make. 
  • A professional report costs more because they are very time intensive, may be needed for office assessment (if you want an in-depth room by room analysis, need to present findings to a doctor, are interested in the details… 30 pages plus. 
  • Please note we do not provide reports for litigation or support legal matters. 

If you only have a concern about a smart meter, WIFI etc. you can choose to pay per hour. Please feel free to call and discuss what might be right for you.  

Follow up 

  • This includes a 20-minute phone follow up that needs to be completed within 4 months of the assessment. 
  • E-mail support and short questions are always welcome 
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