Prepurchase/Prelease Inspections

Before purchasing a property, there are two main things we aim to identify:

  • External EMF hazards that will be hard or impossible to shield from in the home. ie. High sources of magnetic fields from power lines too close to the property, and phone towers extremely close and hard to mitigate.
  • Internal sources of EMF are fixable but may be a big expense.

Ensuring that there are no external hazards that will be hard to mitigate then allows you to have more control over your EMF environment once moving in or renovate.

We can provide a general guide on areas to avoid and how to set up the spaces in the home for living however an in-depth assessment of that is best done once the home is purchased or rented as more time is required.

As booking this service for each property can be expensive, you can book a 30min phone consult to go through what to look for and use our checklist to ensure you have narrowed down a good property to start with.

We also have a checklist you can purchase. The checklist helps you select a low-EMF home before pre-purchase inspections, saving time and costs. It provides guidance to avoid unsuitable properties without inspection, including videos on site research and mitigation.

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